Home 4 Simple but Effective Ways to Childproof Your Ride

Keeping your children safe my seem like an unending task. No matter how many bolts and latches you place around the house, they always manage to get themselves into trouble. The same is true for your cars as well, maybe even worse, as kids tend to get bored in cars and that is a recipe for disaster in that confined space. Add to that the possibility of irresponsible drivers driving around and crashing their vehicles every other day. Soon, your family car may seem like a death machine with no room for safety.

Step one, calm your nerves. Quality used cars from top buy here pay here car lots have all their parts in good condition to prevent accidents for reasons that are out of your control. Beyond that, childproof your car in the following simple ways, and your kids are sure to stay safe even when they are out of your protected home.

Invest in a seat for your kid

95% of all parents are known to buy the wrong seat and put their children’s safety into jeopardy. Each seat carries its own specifications regarding height and weight and you must buy the one where your child fits properly. Also, make sure that you read the seat manual carefully before trying to install it in your car. Take note of the do-s and don’t-s and follow them to the T. Carry your seat along while buying your car. Check for fit and ask the used car dealers to help with the installation. The experts there will be happy to do it for you and inspect the latch without any cost at all.

Buy a recent car with all safety techs

If you are going to have a kid on board, cheap used cars might not be the right direction to go. You will want all the help you can get from your car while driving and safety techs really benefit families with toddlers in the back seat. Buy cars with safety techs like ABS, traction control, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic brakes with proximity sensors. Also, look into makes that have impressive crash test scores with a sturdy frame. Buying a random SUV does not guarantee safety. You need to invest in the right one which will complement your intentions.

Safety locks on all doors

Boredom ignites curiosity. And curiosity leads to activities like playing with the door handles or exploring how the door works while you are cruising on the highway. You may place your child just on one side but it is imperative that you place child safety locks on all your doors. The kid will grow. And he/she will not require the seat anymore. Then you will want control on all the locks so that no unwanted adventures happen. Here again, invest in quality locks that do not have a mind of their own and remain shut no matter how many times your kid tries to jolt it open.

Place buckles on your seat belts

In the buy here pay here car lots, look for used vehicles that have buckles on the seat belts to keep it latched when not in use. Even if the feature is not available, ask your dealer or any other agent to install it all around. Lose seatbelts are as dangerous for children as no seatbelts. They might again get curious and start playing behind your attentive eye and get tangled when you apply that hard brake. Buckles will keep the belts in place on your kid’s side. It will not come off or be accessible under any scenario.

So, search for the best buy here pay here near me to get the best available vehicle. Then, apply the above to childproof. Simple initiatives can reduce risks by almost 71% which rises to 100 under your watchful eye. As a bonus tip, consider giving your child something to do in the car like playing video games and watching his/her favorite cartoon. That will keep the boredom away and add a further layer of safety.