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Deal breaker tips Buying a used car

Buying a used car is as much about knowing when to walk away as it is about thoroughly inspecting the cars and the deals on offer. The excitement of buying a used car is understandable. But that cannot make you reckless where you start ignoring the clear red signals or settle for dealership offers which are way below than being substandard. While you can always compromise and negotiate to get the optimal value for money, but there are some attributes that are clearly deal breakers. Take note of a few such deal-breaking statements that you may hear at some used car dealerships. Make sure your first response to these is to show them your back while you walk away.

What’s on the site is simply MSRP. The dealership charge is $10,000 extra.

Clearly, the ploy of the dealership is to entice you to visit their store and place you in front of their trained salesperson. In such situations, you will always lose more money than you have to and no matter how convinced you are that you need to buy the vehicle at hand, train your mind to say a no. The top used car dealerships near me will maintain a supreme level of transparency. If there is indeed a service charge, you will get to know it before well before you visit the store to test drive the car.

No, our used cars do not come with warranties. How can it?

It is not natural that used cars do not have warranties. At used car dealerships like Family Auto, you get warranties on either mileage or service on every purchase that you make. This serves as the backing of the car’s quality and provides you the peace of mind which you so rightly deserve. Many other dealerships try to push low mileage or other such factors as excuses for the absence of warranties. But when you get those at good dealerships along with warranties, why consider anyone else?

Yes, the check engine light is on. Hence, the price is cheaper by $2,000

Avoid buying a car that has an unhealthy engine. Of all the repair expenses that you will have to incur behind your car in its entire lifetime, the engine ones will cost you the most. And above that, if you get a car that already has a faulty engine, the drainage of your savings will start right from the day when you bring the car home. If there are demons under the hood, it will affect all the mechanical parts of your car equally. The bargain you think you made of $2,000 will drain away ten times more in no time.

It may be a salvage title but really does not matter nowadays

Look out for dealers who tend not to pay heed to salvage titles, especially if you are out shopping for used trucks for sale. Salvage titles mean that the vehicle you are about to buy had been in an accident previously and if the dealership is telling you that it does not matter, then they are selling you a car without properly fixing it. Even dents and scratches, if not fixed properly, can lead to life-threatening rust in your cars and hence, good dealerships will always prioritize the repair and maintenance of vehicles with salvage titles. When buying such a car, take the full repair history from the dealership. Avoid closing the deal until you are fully satisfied.

This car maybe 3 years old, but is absolutely new

Low mileage cars are definitely the shining stars in any top buy here pay here car lot. But be on your guards against used cars whose odometer readings are way too low. If a three-year-old model hardly has 30,000 miles on it, this is a clear indication that the car was hardly driven on road and often stood by the road or in the garage. No machine stays healthy in idle conditions. Plus, too low mileage also means that the previous owner hardly took care of the car. Such used vehicles are not worth your money and the almost new is really not new.

For deal-making offers, stick to the top used car dealerships near me. No dubious ploys, no tricks with car quality. You may not land at the best dealership at first instant. Check out for these deal breakers there, keep your patience, and make the right buy.