Home To Buy or Not to Buy: Pros and Cons of Used Car Dealerships

If you have finally reached that point of your life where you have settled your finances and made the decision to buy a car, first up, proper congratulations must be in order as you are about to make an investment that is going to make your life easier from a lot of angles. Next, you will have to face the choice of where you want to buy your car from and this is where the business gets serious. Typically, you will have to take your pick from among new car dealerships, used car dealerships and online dealerships. Any path you decide to walk will require serious contemplation.
In this post, let us deal with used car dealerships. Keep this at the center and evaluate their pros and cons by pitching them against new and online dealerships. In the end, you will clearly understand the reason for giving used car dealerships the centerstage and probably, your decision-making task will become a bit easier.

The pros of used car dealerships

Cars depreciate in their value the most in its first year which tends to flatten out from the third year. By the time you buy it after 3-4 years, it will cost you nearly 50% less of its new model. Thus, price-wise, used car dealers are always the top choice over new ones.

  • You can personally inspect the cars

This is where used car dealerships win over online dealerships. When you pick the latter, all you have are pictures of vehicles that may or may not be from their inventory. But with used car dealerships, you can personally inspect the car you are about to buy which is always the wiser choice.

  • You get financial assistance

Most used car dealerships offer you financial assistance in various forms. You can apply for a loan with the dealership itself, opt for flexible payment options, and much more. New car dealerships seldom offer these and online dealerships often have a questionable trust factor.

  • Exchange offers are available

Top used car dealerships will almost always accept your old car as part of their exchange policy. You can use the monetary equivalent of your previous car to slash the overall price of your current used car or pay a high down payment upfront to slash the interest rates. The other two dealerships will/may not have this offer for obvious reasons.

  • Flexibility with car models

Used car dealers generally have a large inventory, especially the ones who are a large group having multiple dealerships spread over numerous locations. New car dealerships typically stick to the brand they sell. As for online, you may get that many options here as well but your inability of personal inspection kills the very purpose.