Home Coronavirus and Used Car Buying: What You Need to Know?

As of March 30, 2020, more than 140,000 people have already been infected with the COVID-19 and President Trump has extended the social distancing orders to April 30. Experts are also saying that the United States is yet to see its peak coronavirus phase as nearly half the population stands in line to catch the infection. Although unsettling to accept, you can be sure that this pandemic is not leaving the US any time soon and the stay-at-home regulation might get extended depending on the situation of April end.
Now, if you have been postponing you used car buying wish, you might have to wait a few months more. Or, you can explore your options now and look at a few buy here pay here cars during the coronavirus shutdown. Here is everything you need to know.

Are used car dealerships even open?

Most States are still figuring out the right way to impose the shelter-in-place or stay-at-home facilities. Car repairs have already put under essential services that can remain open during the restrictions, but the sales wing is shut most retail dealerships. Still, news is pouring in that many used car dealers are revamping their online systems and offering contactless delivery. Search for such used car dealerships near me and buy the car you need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Is online car buying safe?

Typically, the method is not advised because it is easy to dupe you when the dealership is remote. But right now, many reputed dealerships are being forced to open online ordering and delivery as people cannot physically come to their stores to make a purchase. They have to keep their shop running. They need to sell their cars when even the demand has plummeted 70%. With the right dealers, you can get the same assurance of quality and safety as you would have got by going offline. Do you research right and stick to the reputed names. Online purchases will then be safe.

There might be a delay in delivery

Keep in mind that the shelter-in-place order applies to everyone. So, most dealerships are working with skeleton staff where a majority might already be under home quarantine. Expect delays while ordering used cars or used trucks in Liberty, South Carolina, and talk about the date of delivery clearly with the dealership before finalizing the deal. It should not be more than a week but depending on staff availability, some dealership may ask for more. If they are indeed understaffed, preparing the paperwork after clearing existing backlogs will take time.

What about service after buying?

As already stated, car servicing has been kept under essential services. Hence, all service centers are likely to remain open and function unless the pandemic finds its way to the workers. But then again, the State authorities have also mentioned to delay all repair and servicing work if the matter is not essential and only drive out if the unrepaired car might become a health or safety hazard. It is unlikely that you will be needing a major repair work right after buying a quality used car. Keep all the routine maintenance work for after the pandemic months.

Will supply be adequate during this pandemic?

Most buy here pay here cars that you will see in the online catalog of dealerships will be there from a time before the restrictions were enforced. Big dealers are likely to have enough cars in their lots to feed your choice for now. In the ensuing months after the pandemic, supply may dry up a bit as carmakers have currently shut down their factories but that will depend on how the used car market is behaving during the stay-at-home rule. Again, for now, supply should not worry you. Big dealerships should have enough cars.

Well, car sales have gone down. With people stuck at their homes, hardly any dealer is being able to attract customers to their lots. It is thus not unnatural for you to expect impressive discounts on used cars, especially from dealerships where the lot is overflowing. Even financing is cheaper now due to rate cuts of the Federal Reserve depending on the lender from whom you are taking the auto loan. Things might just be working for you now when the entire market is struggling to survive the storm.
With all that said, you must exercise caution even if buying a used car feels right now. Restrict your research to the internet and avoid human contact as much as possible. Talk to the dealership as to how much remote services can they offer and refrain from taking any step that might expose you or your family to the coronavirus. Health always comes first.