Home Is It a Good Idea to Buy Used Cars from Car Rental Agencies?

Mixed reactions! That is what you get at a table when you hint that you are contemplating buying a rental car. The person to your right will tell you that it is a bad idea. These cars see multiple drivers over the years and the more hands the vehicle falls into, the more abuse it is likely to face. Immediately the person to your left will pitch in and point out the fact that with rental cars, you get almost new cars at steal-away prices. Most of these cars come at rock bottom prices if you know when and how to shop. Both the perspectives that you now have are valid. But what they did successfully was to confuse you more. Informed decisions happen over hardcore facts and that is what you need to get about buying used cars from rental agencies.

Rental cars do face abuse

And it is only natural. People rent cars for short-term use. Obviously, they do not have to think about long-term maintenance and proper handling of the car. So, hard brakes, bumpy roads, and low fuel driving often wreck up the mechanical parts of such vehicles. Even though rental companies have strict policies about taking care of the car while on rent, they can control only as much when the cars leave their personal supervision.

But the vehicles are well-maintained as well

Good rental companies have a reputation to maintain. They cannot hand out just any car to their customers in exchange for the prices they charge. Thus, despite the abuse the vehicles see at the hands of the drivers, they come home to solid care. Rental cars see regular and periodic servicing. The agencies follow the repair schedule strictly. In favor of rental cars, you will often find them in decent shape even when you go looking for cheap used cars.

Mileage on the cars will almost always be high

Low mileage rental cars are rarer than diamonds. It is just not possible for the car rental companies to maintain a low odometer reading. Hence, even though the car that you are buying is merely one or two years old, do not be taken aback to see 30,000-40,000 miles on it. The business model of car rental agencies revolves around renting their cars and encouraging customers to drive more. Low mileage is just not possible in their lots.

However, you just might get warranties

If you have made peace with the high mileage factor and are indeed buying a one to two years old car, you will get the vehicle well within its manufacturer warranty. This might seem an enticing bargain but used cars in the top buy here pay here car lots also come with similar warranties. Plus, they have the same financial offers, maybe even better, than rental agencies. Warranty may seem like feathers in the rental agencies’ caps, but others have them as well.

Your options will be highly limited

One, you will not have a great number of options to choose from owing to their limited inventory. And two, you will not get upscale features like sunroof or high-tech infotainment as rental cars rarely have any use of them. Even, the used cars at rental agencies miss out on modern safety features and this can be a real drawback if you are buying the car for your family. For used cars with all the features intact, stick to the best buy here pay here dealership in Pickens.

So, is it a good idea?

Just like any other avenue from where you can procure a used car from, rental agencies also come with their own share of pros and cons. The bright side really lies with the vehicles’ prices. The top rental companies in the US are always on the lookout to upgrade their existing fleet and owing to this, they empty their lots at exciting prices to make space for new cars. For well-maintained cheap used cars, rental agencies can be your option.

But if you can spare a few dollars more, every other aspect will come to you that you will miss with rental cars. Safety features are the top ones. Closely followed by better financial options, similar warranties, massive inventories, and good vehicle history. Any day, the top buy here pay here dealership in Pickens will trump rental agencies when it comes to overall vehicle quality.