Home Old Car with Low Mileage or New Car with High Mileage: Which One to Buy?

The dilemma is indeed puzzling! Your instinct will tell you that the old car with low mileage will have more life left on it. Plus, its depreciation over the years has also pulled down its net price. You will naturally feel driven to turn your blind eye to all other used cars and sign the papers for this low mileage catch. However, the shine of the fairly new car standing a few yards away is equally enticing with the only glitch on its back – high mileage. The price is nearly the same, the features are better, but the car expert inside you knows that low mileage is always the way to go. Which one to buy now? Decide based on age or mileage?
While shopping in the used car lots, what you truly need to understand is that just like age, mileage is one of the many parameters that you need to consider and not the only one. A low mileage used car is definitely attractive but when you put the vehicle’s age into the mix, things start to take a turn. Low mileage no longer can solely speak about the car’s survival. Other factors come in as well.

The issues with low mileage old cars

The outright implication that an 8-year-old used car with just 40,000 miles on it will have is that the vehicle was probably poorly maintained. If the previous owner did not have extensive use of the car, it is likely that he/she rarely bothered to take the car for its due servicing. Poorly maintained cars develop all sorts of mechanical problems and it will drain the bank just on repairs. You will probably have to change the battery, the engine and brake fluids, all its tires and so on. These additional costs will ultimately drive up the price.
Plus, such cars have higher chances of gathering rust. Especially if it ran on snowy areas. Rust on the underside of the car, that often reaches the depths and becomes unnoticeable, affects the suspension and braking systems which directly impact your safety. Even the radiator and the heater cores will degrade over time and might fail at any moment on the road.
Then there is the issue of outdated engines and the absence of modern features. Engines improved over time. Cars have become more fuel-efficient. You cannot expect the same powertrain performance from an 8-year-old model as you will get with the fairly new used car. It will also not have the latest safety techs, infotainment installations, or cabin features, which now most car buyers take for granted. When you are looking for used cars or used trucks in Liberty, Pickens, you will have to consider all these parameters on top of mileage.

The brighter sides of a high mileage new vehicle

Obviously, you will get the latest technical installations like adaptive cruise control and parking assistance along with Bluetooth connectivity and cup holders. And you will have larger engines that will generate modest power which will keep the mechanical parts of the car in good shape. Every corner of this new car will be new and healthy, and you will not have to worry about any major upcoming expenses after buying a new car with high mileage.
Modern cars are, in fact, designed to run for a long time. Even at 100,000 miles, the drive can feel as if you just took it out of the factory. While buying a used truck in Easley, Pickens, your selection should be clear. High mileage should not be your roadblock to neglect a fairly new 2-year-old used vehicle.
But there are a few downsides as well. The factor of timely maintenance remains and if a car has seen this much time on the road, its repairs and servicing become all the more important. For most vehicles, the timing belt and the air filters need replacements after a certain number of miles. And if that was not carried out, even a 2-year-old model can become similar to the 8-year-old one. Hence, no matter which vehicle you choose to buy, run the car’s history and inspect the report thoroughly.
The choice is clear Stick to the top used car lots and go for the new vehicle with high mileage. But there are always exceptions to consider and let your fair judgment take over in such a situation.