Home Online Car Buying is Coming – Is Your Dealership Ready?

You are definitely familiar with the following scenario. You are on your couch, comfortable, maybe a drink or snack at hand. You fire up your smartphone or laptop and start scrolling a website for a product that you will like to buy recently. After you have considered the available options, you hit the buy button, make the necessary payment, and the product gets delivered to your doorstep. Now, did a car come to your mind when you were reliving this online buying experience? Probably not. But that is about to change soon as the auto industry is finally being bitten by the digital bug, combined with a few external motivations.

Customers want to buy cars online

Car dealerships can no longer ignore this demand. In a recent survey, Edmunds found out that almost 83% of car shoppers among 1002 they interviewed wanted to buy their vehicles online. Autotrader found out that the current process of car selling where a customer is required to visit a dealership and sit through the entire sales process is actually driving down satisfaction. Plus, given that a vast majority of consumers have already become accustomed to the convenience of the online world during their busy lives, the expectation to buy cars online as well is not unnatural

And then, the COVID-19 happened

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 pushed the urgency among dealerships to go online. The government also relaxed norms surrounding online car selling to keep businesses open and people embraced the change fast as restrictions on movement were put into place. Used cars in Pickens, SC, especially, saw good sales numbers right through the pandemic phase and most of them have been from dealers who provided the online buying option. In short, trend and necessity have combined now to boost online car sales. But the important question is – are dealerships ready to migrate?

Picking the right online dealer

You must keep in mind that the transition has just started. Many dealers are still comfortable selling cars offline and their online support might not match your expectations. Just having the digital option does not make a dealer great. Just because home delivery is included in the package, it does not mean that your buying experience will be seamless. You will want to test the online features of the dealer you wish to shop from. You will have to accept a few realities. And then make the final call of sitting on your couch and buying your next car online.

Is the entire car database available on the website?

And by database, we mean all the information that you will need to make a buying decision right from your home. Not the model and a few pictures only. The database should include the year of manufacturer, maybe the VIN, specifications and features, and all-around high-definition photos. The best buy here pay here in Pickens will maintain a website that is self-serving on this ground. You will hardly ever have to call to find out more.

Can you fill the trivial details online?

Take your personal information, for example. You can surely fill this out remotely. Or, say sending your credit information to the dealer to apply for an auto loan. This can also be finished remotely. The top buy here pay here in Pickens will complete as much paperwork as possible online or over a remote call. The idea here is to limit your travel to the dealership unless required.

Do you get a virtual tour?

The car you see in the website’s picture might differ a bit from the actual model in the dealership. Well, no one can upload pictures in real-time or cover every corner that you will specifically like to view. Virtual tours of the car lot must exist. As in Family Auto Sales, you can take a tour of the dealership or inspect your car online where a staff follows your instructions and moves the camera device around

Is home delivery on the table?

Many dealers are including this feature as a service but you should refrain from home delivery of used cars in Pickens, SC as the deal is yet to become full-proof. For one, government rules require that a dealer complete all the necessary formalities before delivering a car. That includes payment, title transfer, registration, and more. If you accept this deal without ever visiting the dealership, it means you are buying your car without test driving and accepting whatever model that is delivered to you. The reality check – for the final stages of used car purchase, you should visit the dealership. The rest can be done online.

That is the online car buying story for now. Look into reputed options like Family Auto sales where the digital experience is just as it should be. As the investment is fairly high, there has to be a balance between convenience and transparency and that is how you should buy cars online.