Home Purchasing a New Used Car During the Coronavirus Pandemic: All You Need to Know

Cars are essential commodities. And naturally, the Department of Homeland Security has placed vehicle services and parts under essential businesses that can run during the nationwide social distancing orders. Although nothing had been mentioned specifically about sales, some states have allowed dealerships to stay open as people will want to avoid public transport or ride-sharing for quite some time and prefer to own a personal vehicle instead. Reports are coming in that the pandemic might take the entire year to vanish for good which only means that if you are planning to buy a car, you will have to do it during this current crisis.
However, it is easier said than done. The overwhelming infection numbers have already shown the contagion capacity of this coronavirus. On top of that, factories have remained shut for over a month now and the broken supply chain has disrupted almost everything around. A few questions naturally crop up when it comes to buying cheap used cars during the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s answer the common ones here.

Are dealerships selling cars?

Depending on the state you reside in, the answer can be both yes and no. However, the American economy is bound to open as soon as the virus starts losing its vigor. That typically means that you can buy a car but the coronavirus will still be around. Dealerships will open but the risk of infections will remain. Even now, there are a few buy here pay here car lots who are providing online services. Good dealers with the right resources are making the digital migration to bring their businesses to your homes.

How are you supposed to shop during the pandemic?

If you need a car right away, take the help of the online features that used car dealerships are providing. Search for a “buy here pay here near me” who is willing to process your requests over the virtual world. Your car buying experience can look something like this.

  • Research used cars online either in third-party niche listicles or go to the dealership’s website directly to check out the vehicle’s features.
  • Contact the dealer over the phone and request them to send the relevant papers over email for your verification.
  • The dealer might also be willing to give you a virtual tour of the car lot or the car you have selected over your preferred video calling platform.
  • Processing of financing, insurance and more can happen over email again.
  • Make an appointment with the dealer to visit at a time when the dealership will be empty and complete all formalities in just one tour.

As evident, this will minimize human contact from your side. Plus, you will also be following the social distancing norms laid out by the state by sticking to only essential travel. Talk with the dealer to make the transaction as remote as possible and try to cover most of the steps digitally

Will prices rise due to low supply?

Honda was the first manufacturer to close all its North American factories Ford and GM immediately followed suit. As the coronavirus burned through the population more, almost all carmakers have shut their doors worldwide. The concern is natural that the supply of cars in the market might get hit. Prices may rise unless factories restart production. But that scenario is unlikely to happen anytime soon as the inventories are still full due to the lack of buyers. The top buy here pay here car lots are packed. You should get the same number of options as any other time. The expanse of their inventory will not diminish supply in this entire year and you should be able to find your desired model at the right price.

Will dealerships offer discounts then?

Fewer buyers have often compelled dealerships to provide discounts to encourage sales. But this pandemic situation is very different as businesses all around are taking serious hits due to lack of customers and employees. It is only natural to assume that discounts might not be on the cards anytime soon, however, you can buy cheap used cars by grabbing the deal available on financing. With buy here pay here dealers, you can’t really expect a lower interest because of the nature of their risky business.