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And you thought just driving your used car to the dealership for servicing was enough! Well, it isn’t. If you do not want your car servicing to be a costly affair, you need to know a few things and apply them during the time leading up to your used car dealership appointment. The servicing centers are businesses, after all, and they will want to make a profit out of the service they are providing to you. So, this is the post that makes you informed. The top things you should know about servicing your used cars in the US. Keep these in mind the next time you schedule a visit and save some bucks in the process.

The first thing the service advisor will ask is about your car’s mileage

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And this is not unnatural. Your car’s mileage will determine the kind of servicing the vehicle will need and that is certainly the first answer any used car dealership will want to know. But now as you know they are indeed a business trying to make profits, your service manager might try to push a few unnecessary servicing using your mileage figure as the excuse. The best way to bypass this is to research beforehand. Make sure you know exactly when to change your oil no matter what the advisor has to say.

Not everything comes under warranty

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If your used car still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you will get something called the bumper-to-bumper warranty. But you must keep this in mind that a few replacements may cost you some money. Take the brake pads for example. The manufacturer cannot certify their longevity as it totally depends on how much you used them. But any other mechanical failure, the manufacturer will cover. The same goes for the dealership warranties that you get while buying your used car. Not every part is covered and it should not surprise you.

Servicing packages can save you money

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Again, not all offers from the service advisor will come with a hidden profit-making motive. You should ask about their packages and deals and try to save money by getting a few extra repairs done that you may not need at the moment. Say, you take your car in for an oil change after driving 80,000 miles. But if the dealer has an oil change package that also includes your coolant change and air filter replacement, you should get them anyway. Getting them done separately later will cost you more and you should take the smarter deal.

The dealer will take your vehicle out for a ride after servicing

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Do not be taken aback by the odometer reading once you come to pick up your vehicle after servicing. If you came in with an engine or transmission problem, the dealers will have to test your car after they have done their job. More often than not, the dealer will drive your car continuously for a couple of miles to ensure nothing goes wrong after a few minutes on the road. They may also add a few miles on the highway to verify their work further. Expect a bit of a hike in your odometer figures but not too much. If you find more than 500 miles are added, then something fishy definitely went on.
There will always be a way to be careful. You may cover these 4 points, but there might be another way your service dealer might manage to surprise you. So, stick to trusted servicing centers like Family Auto of Pickens as we are a brand that radiates quality. Our experts are thorough with their work and do not find out loopholes to sell you a package that you do not need. When you buy from us, bring your car to us. Stay informed and stick to the brand you can trust.