Home Top-Rated GPS Apps and Standalone Devices for Your Vehicle

A high-tech navigation system is currently a necessity in all modern cars. That is a fact. However, all of us are well aware of the performance bugs that today’s navigation systems carry, be it the application on our smartphones or the standalone device that we installed. Even with the constant updates and bug fixes, these systems do not seem to be reaching perfection as driveways often run through buildings, and the input locations are misplaced. If you are fed up with your current system and looking for an update, here is a list of the top-rated GPS apps and standalone devices. Not that they are perfect but the features are definitely better than the rest.

Smartphone GPS apps

Google Maps

All used trucks in Liberty that either have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay can run Google Maps on the infotainment screen without much fuss. A simple sync with your smartphone is all you need and you are exposed to live traffic data, closed road suggestions, popular and essential locations, and so on along with the core navigation. To date, Google Maps has maintained a high standard of location accuracy. For a meager sacrifice of your phone’s battery levels, no other navigation system can get better than this.


The offline map feature of HERE We Go makes it a top contender in both Google’s and Apple’s application stores. HERE We Go hardly takes up any space on your phone as you can download the map of only that country you will drive in. This results in a lesser battery drain and access to maps without a data connection. Most top used car dealerships also suggest the use of HERE We Go as the application is free, has voice navigation features, and helps you with precise step by step instructions to get you to your desired location.


Waze is another winner among smartphone users. Apart from navigations and traffic alerts, you can also record your own voice or someone else’s to use in the voice-navigation feature. Plus, the rerouting options are quick and accurate and works for accidents, police sightings, constructions, and more. Waze also allows you to play music through the application while driving. This gives you hands-free navigation control where you do not have to switch between applications to make your ride interesting.

Standalone GPS Devices

Aonerex 7-inch Touchscreen Navigation System

Although one of the priciest options in the market, the Aonerex 7” touchscreen GPS navigation system is the favorite among most owners of used cars and used trucks in Easley. The display is its USP where the screen carries an HD resolution while the touchscreen is highly responsive. And the redirecting feature is more than impressive where the program quickly finds a detour in case you missed a turn. The Aonerex standalone GPS navigation system also comes with a host of GPS features along with a strong satellite connection.

Garmin DriveSmart 55 or 60

Garmin’s GPS navigation device comes pre-loaded with the latest maps. And for an affordable price, you get voice control features combined with useful driver alerts, precise directions, and zoom functions on screen. The device also helps you with voice calls and text notifications that keep things hands-free for the driver. The only drawback that the latest Garmin DriveSmart 60 might carry is the delay with which voice control is activated, at times, but the frequency is not that great that it becomes a bother.

Magellan RoadMate 1220

This is a no-fuss and compact GPS navigation system that sees fewer drags owing to its uncomplicated design. The RoadMate 1220 comes with preloaded maps of the US, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. The directions shown are simple to follow, the user interface is straightforward, and the program does not carry unnecessary features that many drivers do not need. The best used car lots refer non-tech savvy drivers to the Magellan RoadMate 1220 as its simplistic design is worth spending money on.