Home What are the Risks of Remote Used Car Buying During this Pandemic?

Tesla was gradually popularizing car home deliveries before the coronavirus pandemic began. And the stay-at-home orders kind of propelled other dealerships to join the digital bandwagon and make car buying similar to pizza sales. The prospect of receiving your new used car right at your doorstep is definitely exciting. Plus, given the current nature of the COVID-19, some might say that it is helpful as well. However, remote car sales are still a science fiction concept almost everywhere in the country as the risks associated with the same almost always trumps the benefits. Unlike pizza, if your car turns out to be something you did not want, you stand to lose not only a few thousand dollars but may also end up in prison.

Here are a few risks of remote used car buying that the industry is yet to completely mitigate.

You might not get the car you saw

It is easy for dealerships to hide scratches, dents, rusts, and missing screws when you deal with them remotely. The picture you see on the website might be that of a perfect used car. But what you get might be of a different color, along with the mentioned damages all around. No picture, however detailed, can replace visual inspection. You can never spot a fine rusted scratch covered efficiently with paint on your laptop screen. This is why the best buy here pay here in Pickens to date asked buyers to come down to the dealership to properly inspect their cars visually as transparency runs in the DNA of the reputed brands

Returning the car is another hassle altogether

Now, say you spotted a rusted scratch after you have received your delivery. Surely, you will not be keeping the car. But do not expect the return to be as seamless as the delivery as the dealer has no vested interest anymore. As per the state’s law, all the formalities of car sales were surely done before delivery. Your loan might have also been processed and reached the dealer in full. All the dealer has to stand by now is pure ethics and we all know how that goes. A shady buy here pay here in Easley, SChttps://www.familyautoofpickensllc.com/car-make/used-car-pickens/, might use the COVID-19 situation to make you wait for your exchanged car. Reasons like reduced staff or unavailability may be stated every week. The sufferer will be you who has paid in full and did not receive a car yet.

All processes cannot be completed online yet

And those who claim that they can do it, be sure that they are selling you everything but quality and clean cars. For instance, the DMV requires both the seller and the buyer to sign the title in person along with noting the odometer reading in person as well. The body recognizes how easy it is to manipulate odometer data and suggests that the buyer walk in the dealership and sign in front of everyone. This is why, in Family Auto Sales, you will still have to visit the dealership just once to take delivery of your car and sign the papers in person even during this pandemic. Family Auto believes in providing quality customer support and all of it just cannot happen online.

Test drives are being refused to remote buyers

Here again, the need to complete all the sales procedures before delivering the car comes in as the reason why many remote sellers of used cars in Pickens, SC, are refusing the test drive option to their buyers. As a substitute, they are offering an easy exchange policy that rarely works (read point 2 again) and stating COVID-19 hygiene factors to establish the process further. Now, you do not any auto literacy to understand that you just cannot buy a car without test driving it. This is when most of the hidden details come out and you need to feel the drive before extending the investment. Family Auto allows you to test drive like any other time during your dealership visit. If you do not like the car, you have the option to walk away.

COVID-19 or not, car sales cannot go remote totally. Partially, it is still possible. Like, you can research your car online, request a video inspection, have the car’s history sent over via email, or run the VIN on a paid online service. But you can never sign on the title sitting at home trusting that the dealer wrote the right odometer number. Neither can you accept the keys without taking the car out for a ride. Pick the best buy here pay here in Pickens, like the Family Auto, who has strategically combined the benefits of both the online and offline world to help you to buy a car during this pandemic and invest right in the right vehicle that will have no possible hiccups in the future.