Home What Pattern is Followed for the Disposal of Used Cars in the USA?

Unlike popular opinion, a car is not left in an abandoned corner for it to rot after the vehicle has nearly run its life cycle. Most used cars in the USA go through the following pattern before it can be truly termed as being out of commission.

Trade-in for a new vehicle

This is generally the first step of an old car’s journey to the shredder. The owner takes the car to dealerships who offer trade-ins. Only the top buy here pay here in Easley, SC has the option. The old vehicle gets absorbed into the lot for a price and the owner drives out with a new used car with the cost adjusted.

Sell the car to the junkyard

After the trade-in, the dealer evaluates the condition of the car. If it can be reconditioned or is already in a drive-worthy state, the vehicle ends up in the buy here pay here used cars lots. If not, the car is sold to a car salvage or junkyard where the vehicle is recycled for good parts. The functioning ones are taken out and the rest is sold a shredder.

The shredder

Almost 25% of even the oldest car can be recycled and sold to fit into some other car. The rest is shredded to either be used as recycled metal or ends up in a landfill after being tested for hazardous chemical content in the waste. This ends the disposal cycle of many used cars in the USA.

As a typical owner, you can choose to sell or trade-in your old car at any of this step. But the recommended is the first one where you can get a good value at the top buy here pay here in Easley, SC. Avoid waiting for the last minute to upgrade your car. The earlier you trade, the better value you get.