Home Which chemical is used for making a bike or car liquid polish?

Silicone is the most common chemical that is used to make bike and car liquid polishes. Along with it, polydimethylsiloxanes, silicone resins, and amino-functional silicones are also used. To bring the chemical to a liquid and applicable consistency, the following three bases are used which give the polishes its individual types.


If you want a light automobile polish for your used cars and trucks in Liberty, SC, then go for water-based polishes. The more the water content of the product, the easier the chemicals are for your skin.


Adding a few specific types of solvents makes the polishes easy-dry. These act as solubilizers for the other chemicals that come in the polish and lead to quick drying depending on the solvent content


Imagine these polishes to having a high oil content. This makes application easy and you do not have to work hard to get the polish on. Emulsions reduce friction between the applier and the car’s surface

Many dealers selling used cars in Liberty also depend on automobile polishes that have additive chemicals like acrylic and polyurethane. Some powders and thickeners are added to give the composition a tweak owing to copyright issues. But the main component is always silicone and its family of associated chemicals.