Home Which is the Best Automatic Hatchback in the Used Car Market?

Honda Fit tops the overall list when it comes to being the best hatchback in the US market, but an automatic transmission is not available on all its trims. For this, you will specifically have to look at the Fit EX and EX-L models that come for a few bucks extra. Next in line is the used car Volkswagen GTI. Automatic is available on all its options.

Honda Fit or Volkswagen GTI?

Both are impressive cars in the automatic hatchback segment but a direct comparison will have to place the Japanese brand above the German one. For starters, Honda Fit is a considerably cheaper car than the Volkswagen GTI on paper but in the used car market, their prices are determined by availability. As Honda Fit is a more reliable car, its price stands at par with the GTI in used car dealerships.

In other aspects, Honda Fit is a clear winner. The cargo space is versatile and roomy and the cabin is spacious enough to comfortably fit 4 passengers. Fuel economy is the best in the hatchback segment and the features available ticks all the right boxes. Being a Honda, safety is reliable, even when things are basic and increases in number when you go up the trims.

Volkswagen GTI stands on similar grounds when it comes to cargo space. But fuel economy is in the disappointing range for such a compact car. Infotainment, however, is good for those family outings and the interiors are modest enough for a hatchback. In short, if you cannot find a used Honda Fit, you can settle for a Volkswagen GTI.

Other options

The Toyota Prius is quite popular in the hybrid and electric hatchback segment. Mazda3 deserves a look after Fit and GTI. Subaru Impreza, Volkswagen Golf, and Chevrolet Sonic also sell well in the used car market. Consider all your available options in the used car dealership you visit and pick one of these if you want to drive a quality hatchback.