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There is no denying that a car’s overall performance ultimately comes down to its engine. The powertrain defines the mileage and how long will your car run without causing you major expenses. Thus, while buying from a used cars dealership, you need to consider a reliable automaker that makes reliable engines that are known through history to run long and return top-notch performance. The answer, unsurprisingly, lies with the common family names and not any luxury brand. Based on data from Consumer Reports and Ward, the following 5 brands have been consistently winning awards in the engine category. Whether you buy their 1990s model or 2018 one, everything under their hood is of supreme quality. Let’s begin with number 5 first and conclude this post with the best one.

1: General Motors

General Motors

GM has always been the American automobile brand who invests heavily on improving their engines. Whether it was their 2-cylinder gasoline powertrain or the current 16-cylinder massive hybrid unit, General Motors has consistently trumped its competitors with its proficiency in engine-making. The fame of its powertrain is so that other foreign automakers have sourced GM engines for their cars and reliability is one area where it can surpass many. Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Ravon, all of these cars run on GM’s engines.

2: Fiat


Heard of Dodge’s raving 700+ HP Hellcat engine? Or Chrysler’s recent Pentastar V6 unit that Ward exclaimed as a stroke of genius? All of these come under the Italian umbrella car brand named Fiat and if there is one thing that they know how to make is their engines. In the competitive American market where the Asian and the European automakers are giving almost everything to win over their consumers, Fiat is the lone Italian who is still performing. It has an impressive failure rate of 1 engine among 85 cars and has successfully beaten even the likes of Ford.

3: Volvo


Think about the apprehensions that the US car buyers have with Volvo and then think how this Swedish company still manages to sell that many cars to those same consumers. The secret is its engines. Volvo has an engine failure rate of only 1 car out of its 111 units and surpasses well-known manufacturers like Nissan and luxury brands as Lexus. It might not give you impressive upholstery or sleek looking vehicles, but Volvo will give you an engine that will run for an eternity. Perfect for families who like to stick their cars and hence, Volvo has its deserved reputation.

4: Toyota


Now, this is a car brand that is acclaimed for its engines not only in the US but across all the countries it operates. This is also the car brand whose engines are known to return a record mileage figure of 500,000 miles at a stretch. The makers of the famed 6-cylinder 2JE-GTE series and the powerful 1LR-GUE, Toyota is up there in the list of elite engine-makers for a reason. J.D. Power places Toyota cars as the most reliable in its dependability test. And the EPA of its engines clears all the impressive marks. For a used car, whenever you see a Toyota, you really do not need to look any further, unless you spot a car of the next brand.

5: Honda


So, even with all the name and fame that Toyota has in the engine department, what made Honda leap ahead? Well, if you think that Toyota’s 1 in 171 cars engine failure rate is astounding, Honda takes that to 1 in 344. And there you are! The most reliable engine-maker among all the US automakers. Honda’s VTEC technology has won many hearts as the variable revolution has shot up the EPA figures to the best in the business. The company ships 14 million units of its engines a year to international brands and the trust it garners is unquestionably supreme. However, while buying from a used cars dealership based on their engine, there is still a catch. Whether you buy a Toyota or a Honda, the engine will only be as good as it has been maintained. So, buy your used cars from trusted dealers like Family Auto as we absorb vehicles only after a thorough inspection. We possess the expertise to fix any fault and strive to sell you only the best. Gift yourself a durable car. Buy a good brand, but from an expert dealer.